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  • What is it all about?

    On the morning of the attack on Ukraine, like many of us, I felt this immense grief and this great feeling of powerlessness, then anger, and then f...
  • The story behind the Sofia earrings.

    These earrings are unexpectedly born a few days ago while I was cleaning my desk before going to bed,
    it was about 11pm at that time.
    Often when I tidy up there are things that happen, that catch my eye, stones that...
  • 2020 Review! English

    Usually we are rather complaining about the way the years go by, but here... I don't know about you, but for me it's as if 10 years have passed in one.

    My memories of a year ago seem to be light years away, and quite honestly I wouldn't go back there for anything in the world.

    This year, I can say that I was able to take advantage of