The story behind the Sofia earrings.

These earrings are unexpectedly born a few days ago while I was cleaning my desk before going to bed,
it was about 11pm at that time.
Often when I tidy up there are things that happen, that catch my eye, stones that bump into each other and end up side by side and then "Wow!!! But these stones go too well together! What if I spent the next 2 hours making a pair of earrings instead of going to bed?! »
And this is what happened.
I don't know if by seeing these loops you can imagine the process, the energy that accompanies them, the number of tries before arriving at a composition where balance and harmony resonate.
Lately I feel like I'm composing a song when I create a piece.
I often have notes in my head when I draw them or when I create them in the material. I move forward, I compose until it sounds right, and the moment when it's right is very clear, it's suddenly an evidence, my eyes run over the piece without a hitch, I feel the fluidity, like a soft melody, a melody that you would listen to with your eyes, and with your heart too...

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